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We have various vehicles.
Please choose the car to your purpose of use.

ROSA Super Long

ROSA Super Long outsideROSA Super Long insideROSA Super Long trunk

Passenger CapacityRegular Seat 21, Sub Seat 6 ( Up to 15 people with luggage)
FacilityLuggage Space in the rear
LengthLength: 7.7m Width: 2.1m Height: 2.65m


Microbus outsideMicrobus inside

Passenger CapacityRegular Seat 22, Sub Seat 6 ( Up to 21 people without luggage)
FacilityNO Fridge and Trunk space for luggage
LengthLength: 7.0m Width: 2.11m Height: 2.65m

Hired car

In the case of movement that you have a great number of people and a large quantity of baggage, please use it.

A chauffeur‐driven hired car

A chauffeur‐driven hired car outsideA chauffeur‐driven hired car insideA chauffeur‐driven hired car trunk

5-6 pieces of luggage on your trip can be loaded in the rear and passage.

Passenger CapacityRegular Seat 9 (Up to 4-6 people with luggage)
LengthLength: 5.38m Width: 1.88m Height: 2.28m
Basic fare 3hours\14,310
After that every 30 minutes\2,320

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